Frequently Asked Questions

Nuvelon FLARE Operations

How do I pair a mobile device with my Nuvelon FLARE?

What types of devices will pair with my Nuvelon FLARE?

Can I use my Nuvelon FLARE with music players that aren’t Bluetooth-enabled?

I plugged the auxiliary cable into my Nuvelon FLARE, but it’s not working

How many Bluetooth devices can I pair to my Nuvelon FLARE?

How do I pair my Nuvelon FLARE with a new or different device?

What do I do if my device stops connecting via Bluetooth to my Nuvelon FLARE?

How can I reset my Nuvelon FLARE back to factory settings?

Can I purchase replacement, new, or overseas plug style charging cables for my Nuvelon FLARE?

Can I replace the rechargeable battery in my Nuvelon FLARE?

Why doesn’t the play time of my Nuvelon FLARE match the advertised claim of 10 hours?

Is the Nuvelon FLARE waterproof?

Can I use my Nuvelon FLARE outdoors?

Can I use the Nuvelon FLARE’s handle as a hanging hook?

Will I ever need to replace the Nuvelon FLARE’s lights?

Is there a timer to control the Nuvelon FLARE’s lights?

Can I use my Nuvelon FLARE in marine environments, like on a boat?

Can I charge my Nuvelon FLARE outdoors?

Why is my Nuvelon FLARE speaker crackling?

I synced several Nuvelon FLARE speakers. Why can I hear crackling?

Can I use my Nuvelon FLARE in a high dust environment?