Nuvelon FLARE

Nuvelon FLARE




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The Nuvelon FLARE merges multi-room sound with best-in-class audio quality. Designed by leading audio engineers with four separate bass and dynamic drivers front and back, it delivers bold bass and distortion-free sound - at any volume.

* Bluetooth Connectivity - No App Needed
* Multi-Sync Capability:  Sync up to 100 speakers for mega volume and bass!
* Awesome Lightshow Effects
* Portable & Versatile 


* Bluetooth 4.2
* Twin 3 in. drivers
* Twin 3.5 in. bass cones
* IPX5 certified splash resistant
* ARM Cortex-M CODEC for maximum audio decompression quality
* Wireless Speaker-to-Speaker Sync (up to 50 feet range between individual speakers)
* Rechargeable 6600 mAh battery 
* Up to 10 hours of play time
* 10 color light show options plus brightness and timer control (for select light shows)
* 3.5mm aux. input (cable included)

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