Nuvelon No Touch Door Opener Tool with Stylus tip 2 Pack

SKU: NV0001-2

Would you like to prevent touching public surfaces? Are you tired of worrying about the amount of germs and bacteria your hands come in contact with?


  • This Mutli-Funtctional tool is desinged to help you avoid toucing dirty, public, high trafficked surfaces. This tool can be used to press elevator, Gas station, and ATM buttons, as well as, open doors by using the hook handle.
  • Screen Sensitive: The touch tool has the capabilities to be used on multiple screen surfaces. It is built with a rubber stylus tip that works well with various screen surfaces such as phones, IPads, signature pads, and more.

  • Ideal Hook Size: The hook is the perfect size to be used to wrap around door handles and other objects. It is built with durable metal to ensure it won't break when being utilized.
  • Small in Size & Easy to Carry: The touch tool is the perfect size and includes a keychain ring so you can attach it to any keys. It is small enough to be placed in a wallet, pocket, or purse.
Package Contents: Included 2 Touch Tool (2 Black or 2 Rose Gold.) Each Touch Tool comes with a stylus tip attached and key chain with ring.