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5 Reasons You Need an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

by Nuvelon Tech on February 20, 2020

Don’t get us wrong, we love hearing crickets and chirping birds. The sounds of nature are glorious, but sometimes we want to mix in our own playlist. For that, we have outdoor bluetooth speakers.

Why settle for silence when, with a little investment, you can take your experience to the next level? Imagine sitting around the campfire or diving into a lake with your favorite songs playing. Imagine never having to worry about the sound quality or rainy weather. Pair your amazing music with an equally amazing outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Need more reasons? Here, we’ll give you 5. 

1. Turn Your Campsite into a Dance Party

Yes, it’s true. There’s something very picturesque about sitting around a crackling fire with one of your friends strumming away at the guitar. But, sometimes you want to listen to your own playlist more than an acoustic “Kumbaya” on repeat for the millionth time. 

With outdoor Bluetooth speakers, you can simply hit play for an instant dance party. Nuvelon FLARE speakers, for example, are great because if you have more than one, they link together to create a true surround sound experience. Not only that, but Nuvelon speakers also have built-in lights that beat with your music, creating a true outdoor dance club.

2. Hike with Entertainment

Whether you’re hitting the trails for a sweat-pouring workout or just taking a stroll to take in Mother Nature’s beauty, having your favorite tunes playing in the background can make any hike that much more enjoyable! And portability is key; yet another reason why outdoor Bluetooth speakers rock. 

The best speakers let you take the music with you, whether you’re hiking on the trails or taking a break on the top of the peak. Plus, you can use it to drown out that “friend” of yours that always complains about the steep parts of the trail. Win-win, right? 

3.  Rock Out on Your Boat, Worry-Free

Post-hike, there is nothing more refreshing than hitting the water on your trusty boat with your closest buddies. Now, add music to the mix with an outdoor bluetooth speaker. As you sail past your fellow boaters, tunes ablazin’, the last thing on your mind should be whether your music will survive the splashes. 

That’s why an important feature for any outdoor bluetooth speaker is weather resistance,  meaning you can bring it on a boat and know that a rogue cannonball won’t ruin your day. 

Nuvelon took weather resistance to a new level by creating the FLARE speaker that can hold up in any weather, whether they get splashed with water from the lake or get caught in a downpour. Nuvelon FLAREs ensure that regardless of the elements, you’ve still got music to keep you going. 

4.  Host an Unforgettable Dinner Party

After a day on the lake, there is nothing better than tons of delicious food on the grill (other than some aloe vera to soothe that sunburn). And what goes perfectly with a homemade meal and great company? Music. 

An amazing outdoor speaker could push your ‘good’ dinner party into ‘great’ territory. No need to worry about awkward lulls in conversation or planning for “get to know you” games. Just build up a queue of songs with all your guests and jam out while enjoying each other’s company. 

Pretty soon you’ll be the dinner party everyone’s talking about. And remember the lights on the Nuvelon speakers? When the sun goes down, the party turns up.  

5. Always Play High-Quality Sound

To be able to truly enjoy your music in any outdoor scenario — on the lake, in your own backyard, or on a trail — you need a speaker that produces high-quality sound. There’s nothing more disappointing than having your favorite song come on and not being able to make out the words because the sound is so distorted. 

Good news! You don’t need to fork over the big bucks to get the quality you want. A Nuvelon FLARE costs less than $200 and you’ve got all the features we’ve mentioned, plus amazing sound for all your outdoor adventures. Whether you're playing music softly by the campfire, or blaring music for after dinner dancing, the sound quality is consistent and second to none.

The Nuvelon FLARE: The Best Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker 

It’s no secret, there are so many benefits to owning an outdoor Bluetooth speaker. But, if you want to take your listening experience to the next level, Nuvelon FLARE is the answer. Not only does it meet all your adventure needs (portable, weatherproof, etc.), but you can link up to 100 of them for the ultimate surround sound experience. And let’s not forget about the colorful light show.  

Are YOU ready to upgrade your outdoor listening experience with the Nuvelon FLARE?