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Add Fun To Your Life With The Best Bluetooth Speakers With Lights

by Nuvelon Tech on July 20, 2022

It is time to start your outdoor party, but your Bluetooth speaker just gave you a low battery notification!

Obviously, it is the last thing you want to hear when outdoors! You lose out on all the party hype and have to race to recharge the speaker.

If that’s not enough, what if the speaker is at the farthest end of the pool, and you can’t hear any music?

You certainly don't want these or any other troubles to spoil your celebration and all your exciting party plans, do you?

To avoid these troubles, what you need are durable and effective Bluetooth speakers such as the Nuvelon Flare. To add to the fun, the Nuvelon Flare comes with light show effects.

You can effortlessly stream music from your tablet or phone through a Nuvelon Flare Bluetooth speaker. Whether you like listening to music while being outdoors or at home, these speakers are a must-have. Their value only grows when they incorporate fun visual effects into your music. Listening to music with LED lights just takes it to the next level. 

Here are a few characteristics you can look out for, in good party speakers. Knowing this will help you choose the best light-up Bluetooth speaker for any occasion.



It is a good idea to invest in speakers that can be taken to the pool, the beach, or even a party where a drink is likely to be spilled. A Water Resistant Bluetooth Portable Speaker such as the Nuvelon Flare can be brought wherever you need to play music while splashing around in the water too. Think pool party! 

With an IPX5 rating, this speaker is both weather resistant and dust-proof.


Dynamic Portability

Many different styles and sizes of Bluetooth speakers are available for you to choose from. Some are equipped with clips, lights, and handles to better fit your needs. For instance, Nuvelon Flare speakers come with 10-hour battery life, Sound Responsive Multicolor RGB Light, and an easy-to-carry handle.

There are many speakers that can also deliver great sound despite their size. Don't be fooled by its size. The 15-watt audio output provides an authentic sound experience. You can take it anywhere with you and also keep your friends entertained wherever you go. 

If you're looking for the greatest portable speaker for your outdoor and indoor trips, Nuvelon Flare provides a variety of options to select from.


Innovative Light Effects

The LED lights on the Nuvelon Flare Speaker enhance the speaker's excellent design. With impeccable LED lights, you'll be the life of the party.

It features eight colored LED lights that change and pulse color to the beat of your favorite music. The lighting and music will be in sync with your party vibe. Red, white, green, blue, magenta, aqua, amber, and purple are the available hues. It also is capable of controlling the overall brightness of the LED’s.

You get lighting effects for the beach, pool, patio, garden, camping, bedroom, yard, parties, and more! 

Do you need anything else for a fun and entertaining party?

Quick Recharge

An inbuilt rechargeable battery is standard on the majority of Bluetooth portable speakers, making them more convenient and eco-friendly. As a result, they are better for the environment, and you won't have to keep purchasing new batteries for them.

A remarkable 10-hour run time can be achieved with the use of the 6 feet of 15V charging wire. You don't have to bother about recharging your device even if you want to listen all day. The speaker's lithium-ion and rechargeable battery (which cannot be replaced) lasts almost 10 hours of continuous use. The non-commercial usage of NUVELON is covered by a year’s guarantee against faults in materials.



Some speakers are only capable of playing audio only on one single source. The Nuvelon Flare is capable of connecting over 100 speakers together all at once! This incredible feature allows you to either decorate every square foot of your backyard with speakers or place a speaker in every room of your home. Each speaker connects within a range of 70 feet. Talk about a fully immersive sound experience! 

If you're in search of a Bluetooth speaker that can connect multiple speakers in multiple locations, especially outdoors or near the pool,  look no further than the Nuvelon Flare.



You no longer have to do extensive research on how to improve your listening experience. The Nuvelon Flare Portable Bluetooth Outdoor speaker is the perfect speaker to elevate any type of get-together, whether it’s indoors or outdoors.