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Adding Art to Ambience: Why Light Up Bluetooth Speakers are a Sound Investment

by Nuvelon Tech on October 29, 2019

Whether you’re setting the mood for a date or staging the best party of the year, a Bluetooth light-up speaker is a small but vital investment.

These days, when everyone has access to endless music, you need an easy way to take the social music experience to the next level. Light-up speakers add that extra something you need to cater to all your senses.

Here’s how these must-have music makers can contribute to the ambiance of your next date, party, or whatever the occasion may be.

Create an Atmosphere

Lighting a party usually involves your basic lamps and string lights, but your party theme can come alive if you think outside the box.


Creating an atmosphere and ambience is all about a comprehensive lighting experience. You need to ensure people can find what they need, but you can also highlight special details and elicit the right mood with colored lights.


The Nuvelon Flare is a perfect choice because you can control your lighting without breaking the bank. Instead of investing in dozens of party lights, you can invest in one great speaker to provide the same great ambiance, whatever the occasion.

Syncing Light and Sound

Better still? Nuvelon Flare give you the ability to sync light and sound into one great tool.


Take our Nuvelon FLARE speaker, for example. It merges multi-room, best-in-class audio quality with 10 color light show options with brightness and timer control, customizable based on your desired effect.


Want the mood of a song to translate to more than just sound? You don’t need a pricey lighting team or an expensive DJ to do it. Just get the right speaker and you can put on your own light show. It’s quick, easy, and unforgettable--the perfect addition when throwing the best party in town.

Portable, Powerful Ambiance

One of the biggest benefits of the Nuvelon Flare is that you can add ambience and atmosphere on the go without being tied to hefty lighting equipment or endless cables.


Bluetooth speakers are small but mighty. They pack concert-quality sound in a portable speaker system. More than that, it helps make music a social experience. Anyone who can pair their Bluetooth can share their tunes with their friends, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.


Plus, Bluetooth speakers are surprisingly energy efficient, which means you can keep your music going strong even if the party stretches into the early hours of the morning. Our Nuvelon FLARE speaker has 10 hours of uninterrupted play time, which is plenty of time to keep the party going.

Looking for the Best Nuvelon Flare?

When ambiance makes or breaks the mood, why waste time with lackluster speakers that don’t deliver on their promises?


Our speakers are designed by the top sound engineers in the business. So, when you invest in a Nuvelon speaker, you’re not getting an amplifier for your music—you’re getting a quality sound experience that rivals professional sound design, all in one portable, functional speaker.


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