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How To Select The Best Noise Canceling Headphones In 2022?

by Nuvelon Tech on June 24, 2022

Selecting the right pair of headphones can be challenging. With a pool of brands and wireless noise-canceling headphones with similar features available on the market, they all seem like a good buy at first glance. But the question is, are they really worth buying?

Headphones with multiple features and functions are a relatively new trend. There was hardly any demand for headphones like that in the past. However, now it’s possible to weigh your headphone options based on what features or functions you are looking for. 

If you aren’t sure about what to look for,  you should know that there is an incredibly wide array of features that you can prioritize based on your personal style and requirements. They include brands, style, technology, connectivity, price, convenience, and so on. Considering these factors will help you choose the right Bluetooth headsets depending on your lifestyle.

As experts in this area, let us show you how Nuvelon ONE headphones and their features can enhance your overall listening experience. We offer the best noise-canceling headphones in 2022 and here’s why you will love them too!

To start with, we have shortlisted a few essential features to select the best headphones to make your next purchase convenient:

  • Should You Opt For Wireless or Wired?
  • On-Ear, In-Ear, Or Over-Ear?
  • Are Active Noise Cancellation Headphones A Good Option?
  • Which Prices Should Be Considered?
  • Headphone Style And Comfort For You

Should You Opt For Wireless or Wired?

Are you someone who ends up in a tangled mess of cables every once in a while?

If yes, wireless headphones are best suited for you. 

Today's cutting-edge technology is more reliable, so you will likely enjoy great audio streaming quality, along with long-lasting battery life. Besides, wireless headphones are appealing, convenient and multipurpose. 

Wireless headphones are available in different varieties: wireless on-ear headphones, wireless headphones connected through a neckband, and wireless over-ear headphones. All these Bluetooth headphones are battery-powered. Hence, they can be connected to any music source: music player, smartphone, or other devices.

A study reveals that 66% of people at home prefer wireless headphones more than earphones. 

Regardless of the brand, when you purchase wireless headphones, ensure they have good battery life. Several Bluetooth headphones offer a minimum of 30 hours of playback. If you enjoy listening to music, then a pair of headphones with a good battery life is a wiser choice although they may come at a higher cost.

On-Ear, In-Ear, Or Over-Ear?

The next factor you must consider when choosing headphones is whether to purchase on-ear, in-ear, or over-ear headphones.

Do they all seem the same to you?

Here's how you can differentiate them!

On-ear headphones cushion your ears and connect the earcups with a headband. Therefore, these compact on-ear headphones are suitable while traveling. If you find over-ear headphones less comfortable, these could be a good option. In addition, these headphones generate less heat as compared to over-ear headphones.

In-ear headphones, commonly referred to as earphones or earbuds, are preferred while on the move. These earphones have a compact build and are an ideal choice while traveling. In-ear headphones are best-suited for you if you use them for an extended period of time. In addition, these earbuds are pocket-friendly compared to over-ear and on-ear headphones.

Over-ear headphones are an appropriate option for ultimate sound audio immersion. These noise-isolating headphones eliminate the external world's sound and comprise of significant drivers that facilitate robust sound.

These over-ear headphones are a healthier option as they create layers between your eardrums and loud sound. All these features offer you a fantastic audio experience without turning up the volume. 

Are Active Noise Cancellation Headphones A Good Option?

Active Noise Cancellation or ANC is a trending feature in all headphones. Regular headphones create a mild barrier between your eardrums and the outside environment to block the noise.

However, the advanced ANC headphones use built-in microphones to determine the environmental noise and recreate frequencies to block unwanted sound. As a result, these noise-canceling headphones are the best pick during a commute or in a busy office. They help break through the noise and concentrate on your work or music in peace. 

47% of users prefer headphones to get away from their surrounding environment. They are comparatively more expensive than non-ANC models but given that they help you concentrate and eliminate the unwanted noise around you, it may just be worth it. After all, you can’t put a price on your peace of mind!

Which Prices Should Be Considered?

Budget is another key restriction most individuals like you consider while purchasing headphones. 

Would you compromise on the sound quality to purchase headphones within your budget?

71% of consumers admit that price is a dominating factor in their purchase decision. However, don’t ignore the sound quality entirely in the lure of purchasing headphones within your budget at a cheaper price. 

Moreover, leading brands such as Nuvelon offer budget-friendly headphones suitable for all kinds of audiences looking for a rich listening experience. If you are looking for sophisticated features such as ANC, high-quality bass and sound, but at a budget-friendly price, Nuvelon has the answer for you.

You and your friend may have different budget preferences for a pair of headphones. Therefore, it is essential to weigh your preferences and options before making an actual purchase. 

Headphone Style And Comfort For You

Did you know that 20% of people visualize headphones as a fashion accessory?

Apart from the type of headphones you choose, design is always one of the significant considerations while making a purchase.

For example, a gym enthusiast searching for headphones will prefer headphones with high water resistance because they won't get damaged due to sweat or water.

On the contrary, if you purchase in-ear headphones, it is wise to invest in removable ear tips for better fit and comfort. Usually, memory foam and silicone are the most common choices for these earphones. 

However, when purchasing on-ear or over-ear headphones, the type of ear headband and ear cushions matter the most. In addition, you should invest in padded headphones so you can wear them comfortably for long hours. 

Besides that, avoid heavy headphones as they are uncomfortable and cumbersome to carry everywhere.

Nuvelon provides great-looking headphones in black that are elegant, sleek, and overall stylish.

Final Purchase

When you consider all these elements when making your decision to buy headphones, you are bound to find a pair headphones that perfectly fit your preferences and expectations.

Check out Nuvelon's latest collection to embrace a wonderful listening experience.