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Musical Summer: Enjoy A Memorable Music Experience At Home And Outside

by Nuvelon Tech on October 06, 2022

People of all ages invest time, money, and other resources to improve their ways of entertaining guests. Getting the latest and greatest gadgets or technology is a great way for you to keep you, your family, and friends entertained.

Picture it now: You, your friends, and your family get together on a fine summer day. You’ve come together to celebrate this beautiful day and all you’re missing is the perfect soundtrack to accompany you all. Luckily, you grab your Nuvelon Flare, put on your favorite song, and you immediately set the right vibe with these Bluetooth speakers.

Here's what you can do to keep your guests entertained indoors and outdoors for all types of gatherings:

Invest In The Right Speakers

You need the best outdoor Bluetooth speakers to enjoy an uninterrupted, high-quality sound for a big indoor or outdoor space.  For example, you can connect 100+ Nuvelon Flare speakers as long as there is a 50 ft distance between each speaker. You can connect these speakers with Bluetooth, skip the unwanted wiring, and take these almost anywhere. 

Another advantage of using these speakers is that they have 10 hours of battery life so that you can play music as long as you need it. This portable wireless speaker can be also placed almost anywhere outdoors- around the pool, patio, garden, or yard.

In addition, this speaker is water-resistant, so you can easily set it up around the pool or patio. Your guests in the pool will get to enjoy the same music as your other guests on the patio. 

Lighting And Ambiance

Lighting is an essential aesthetic when you host an outdoor event. However, there's more to achieving this type of ambiance than simply illuminating the space with a standard light fixture.

For instance, a Bluetooth speaker with lights can be a perfect element near your tech setup or the patio. 

People around can enjoy the light effects in different shades of amber, red, magenta, white, green, aqua, and purple. 

Battery Life

Imagine you’re at a party and everyone's jamming out to the music, and suddenly the speaker shuts off because the battery died. 

That would ruin the party!

To avoid this type of situation, it is essential to invest in speakers that can run for long periods of time. The Nuvelon Flare is one of the few cost-effective party speakers that offer a 10-hour battery life. 

Active Summer Outdoors

When getting together with family and friends during the summer, creating the perfect vibe and ambiance with good quality music and gadgets is essential for a memorable experience. 

With a lot of different options available in the market, it can be hard to choose speakers that perfectly fit your needs.

Reach out to Nuvelon experts as we can make your journey more fun-filled and more convenient.